Free Your Music

James Kingston

We believe in freedom and no-one embodies freedom of spirit more than Freerunner and epic adventurer, James Kingston.  James captured the imagination of people around the World when he hung from one hand from a crane hundreds of feet above Southampton Dock.  Since then he has travelled the World and completed numerous astonishing climbs on buildings, cranes and towers, published a book and built himself a legion of fans.

James has an enthusiasm for high quality audio and a fine appreciation of elegant design, elements which are at the heart of our philosophy.  Combining these with an audio system that allows for freedom from home networks, complete portability and freedom from conventional transmission systems and protocols fascinated James and he agreed to become our ambassador and to Free The Music.

James’ exploits are well known to his followers, but here is a taste of his free spirit.

Katie McDonnell

Katie is a free running free spirit who has explored the boundaries as a athlete.  Competing on TV in the Ninja Warrior with superb agility, Katie conquered the course and clearly demonstrated her talents as a free runner.

Like James, Katie loves her music and has enthusiastically endorsed our amazing SpeakAirs sound system and technology.  Watch her in action and listen to what she says about the sound quality of SpeakAirs.

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